We Offer a complete package
from start to finish

With Trade Custom Cabinets there is no need to find multiple sub contractors for the same job. We do it all here from start to finish at trade custom cabinets.


It all starts with an idea. There is no limit to what trade custom cabinets can build. If you have a vision of your project we will help make it a reality. If you aren't sure, we have catalogs of different designs to inspire you when creating your dream home. Whether it may be traditional, conventional, shaker, contemporary or different types of cabinet finishes Trade Custom Cabinets is here every step of the way. You Can view some of our recent projects to help deciding the route you want to take with your project.

2. Get a FREE Quote

The next part of the process is measuring. One of our specialist will visit the job site to take measurements. We will also select the style of doors, wood and finish to give you a precise estimate.

3. Shop Drawings

After accepting the quote, we utilize CAD & Cabinet Vision to bring your ideas onto paper. This includes provisional shop drawings with detailed floorplans, interior elevations and section views. We then send the drawings for review & approval with any modifications for Final Shop drawings to be made.

4. Production

Production begins as soon as our Final shop drawings is on the field. Depending on the scale of the project our production lead time can take anywhere from 2 - 4 weeks from production to installation. Lead time is also determined on the amount of projects we are currently building and will be disclosed in advance.

5. Cabinet finishes & Stains

There are an infinite amount of Cabinet Finishes & stains to fit your style. We have the ability to color match any color or stain you find. Every piece is hand sanded and perfected with consistency across all cabinets throughout the project.

6. Delivery and installation

Prior to production completion we will schedule a date to deliver and install your new custom cabinets in your home.  Our installers will then begin the custom cabinet installation process and properly apply all moldings and any specialty hardware included. After Installing the doors and some final touches you will see your dream project completed. As a general contractor we also collaborate with any electrician, plumbers and other sub contractor to make the installation process as smooth as possible.   

CNC cutting Service

We also Specialize in Mass scale projects including hotels, apartments, commercial.
Our Machinery shortens lead times significantly to get large projects done on time.